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How it Works

EasiBleed valves can be installed in just a few easy steps.

Follow the Steps

Step 1

Close off your radiator valves. Close off your radiator valves.

Step 2

Choose a suitable location on the top of the radiator to install the EasiBleed Valve.

Step 3

Use a cordless drill with 10mm socket head to saftley screw the Easi Bleed into the radiator. Choose a low speed on the drill and slowly drill until the specially made washer meets the radiator and forms the water tight seal. No pilot hole is needed in the radiator, Easi Bleed is a self drilling air vent.

Step 2

Open up the radiator valves.

Step 5

Use your new EasiBleed valve just like a normal radiator air vent to release the air in your radiator.